Ancient Harvest

Ancient Harvest quinoa brand organic, non GMO & Gluten Free

All of our products are Vegetarian and except for the cheese pack

in our new Mac & Cheese they are also suitable for a Vegan diet. Ancient HarvestOrganic, Non GMO & Gluten Free Quinoa Grain, Flour & Flakes are 100% Quinoa. Our Organic Gluten Free Pastas are made in a completely gluten free facility and come in seven different shapes: Elbows, Garden Pagodas (pictured), Linguine, Penne, Rotelle, Shells, Spaghetti and Veggie Curls. 

They are a blend of organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour. The veggie curls and garden pagodas have organic dried red bell pepper and organic dried spinach for coloring.

Brands > Ancient Harvest
Brands > Ancient Harvest
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