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Who We Are

We have the whole hippy and health thing going on too, but we are a community based specialty food company, that works and cooperates with farmers & retail Stores in Hong Kong and around Asia who share the same core values, have high standards of Quality & service and care about the environment and sustainability.

Our mission back to top

OWL's M.O is to be a pioneering leader in providing genuine organic and all natural food products to help people lead healthier happier lives and dedicated to support and promotes local and international sustainable businesses.

Our core value back to top

• Selling & producing the highest quality all natural and organic food products.
• Source only from places and people we trust, with government recognized certifications.
• Build a healthier happier community and a sustainable environment.
• Promote health awareness & home cooking through our learning programs.
• Increasing economic opportunity by supporting local sustainable businesses.
• Foster a work environment that attracts and inspires excellence in people.
• Share resources with other businesses to minimize wastage.

The OWL team back to top

Chloe Kam
Founder and CEO

How becoming a mother changes your life was a lesson that Chloe had to learn. Having a successful career as a businesswoman in import and export was just not enough to raise a healthy child. Finding it very hard to find good food for her son was becoming a crisis and then decided to import organic and all natural foods from different parts of the world mainly to feed a healthy family which led to a lot of reading and studying about nutrition. Being an excellent home cook she tried new ingredients and food products and certainly was amazed by the results. She was approached by a lot of her friends who also wanted healthy foods for their family and this was the start of OWL. Home based micro company for friends and family. It took some motivation from her husband and inspiration soon found its way after her travels to California where organic farming was booming and from there the idea of making her company in Hong Kong a little bigger was planted. Since then Chloe has been inspiring people around her to live a happier and a healthier life and helping everyone to get organic food products at a reasonable price.

Culinary Consultant

Manan has been a professional chef for 10 years with working experience in Europe, Middle East and Asia. His expertise has been focused on the health aspects of different cuisines. Manan has worked with many five star hotels around the world mainly with the intercontinental hotel group. He has been sourcing food products from all over the world to meet special dietary requirements of the five star guests. With the gift of excellent PR skills he has also served as the driving force in promoting healthy Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in south china. His characterized research and development skills over multiple product categories combined with high standards have made us more confident to source the best quality food products from around the world. With his knowledge and talents he is now leading OWL and promoting its core values and healthy nutritional lifestyle. He is delighted to join OWL to help build a passionate, truthful and a bold organic food retail company.

Britt - Raw Galore
Chef Raw Cuisine

A full time devoted supermom, Adventurist, Ultra Marathon Participant and a creative, skilled Raw Food Cuisine Chef. Britt’s Journey from regular food to Raw Food was not a coincidence, it was a hard choice to be made under serious medical circumstances to sustain her health and be able to take care of three toddlers at the time. A move to Shanghai from Hong Kong, with its Air Pollution and quality of food products and a series of serious life threatening accidents made her, from being physically fit to bed ridden in a matter of months. While struggling with Post Viral Syndrome she was bitten by rabid animals and the treatment had huge allergic reactions, her brain swelled and a tremor began in her head and neck region and her vision was affected. The next two years completed stopped for her, Doctors and neurologists couldn't make a diagnosis but a lot of symptoms were similar to multiple sclerosis. Being a mom she could not afford to give up that easy and in her struggle to find a solution she came across Raw Food culture on the internet. She very quickly became fascinated by testaments on the Internet from people who had reversed, not just MS, but from diseases which they had been told would kill them by following a whole food, raw vegan diet. She went 100% Raw the next day. Following a raw food, vegan diet she began to heal, detoxed heavy metals from my body, and cleared a lot of her brain fog and slowly her energy returned. She has been high raw now for four years and have studied extensively during this time.

Certified Raw Food Qualifications:-

Conscious Eating Intensive Course - Studied under Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Tree of Life
Rejuvenation Center, Arizona, USA. 2011
Raw Magic Course - Studied under Kate 'Magic' Wood, Truro, England. 2011
Chocolate & Superfoods Course - Kate Magic, Salisbury, England. 2012
Advanced Course in Raw Foods & Superfoods - Kate Magic, Bath, England. 2013

The OWL Story back to top

OWL started as a house based micro company in 2009 selling organic food products to a small community of friends and family. With the idea of reaching out to more people in the area OWL’s founder, Chloe took a bold step and contacted Cheung Heng the first All Organic Vegetable retailer in Sai Kung to join hands. Having the same focus on health and environment OWL and Cheung Heng together introduced a wide range of organic and all natural food products. Back then Organic business was not as successful and easy. As a core value of increasing economic opportunity by supporting local sustainable businesses OWL helped Cheung Heng in times of difficulty and now the with a lot of hard work and constant education about nutrition the business is well known, has a strong following and supports other small sustainable businesses in the area.

Since then this cooperating business model of OWL has worked wonders in supporting and promoting local businesses in Hong Kong. Chloe was managing all business by herself and being a mother it was not easy to do more. Manan and Chloe share same work o holic attitude and are progressively promoting organic and natural food. Soon this successful Business model was applied to a beautiful little store in Kowloon city. “The Butcher” became second store to cooperate and share resources with OWL to help promote a healthier lifestyle and share same core values of committing to highest quality food products.

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